2017 Gender Studies
Department Of Women's Studies,
Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University

Course Information

Number of Credits to Transfer : 1UCT
Program Schedule : 1 Month (1-30 June 2017)
Teaching hours (Weekly) : 4hrs
Independent Study Hours (weekly) : 10 hrs
Requirements : English Language Proficiency
Degree Level : For undergraduate student
Instructors : Staff


This course is designed to explore the relationships between gender and society form a comparative perspective. At the basis, gender is seen as a societal construct. This course will cover the roles that culture and social stucture play in defining and experiencing gender. Students will explore how society influences thr personal definitions of gender and the signification of gender in perception of the self. Traditional and non-traditional gender roles will be explored in different societies. There will be a special focus on gender and women's issues and particular attention given to social construction of sex/gender/sexuality inThai society. 

Recommended Reading

  • Robinson, Victoria and Diane Richardson (eds.) (1997X Introducing Women's Studies :  Feminist Theory and Practice. Basingstake : Macmillan
  • Orr, Catherine M., Ann Braithwaite, and Diane Lichtenstein (2012) Rethinking Women's and Gender Studies. New York : Roudledge.