Plan A Type A 2

Total Credits 36 credits

A .  Coursework21 credits

1. Graduate Courses       a minimum of    36 credits

1.1 Field of concentration courses    a minimum of    21 credits

1.1 .1 Required courses a minimum of12 credits

1) Joint courses  6 credits

169701   Social Sciences Theories   or 159701 Social and Cultural Theories I

169703 Conceptualization in Social Research  

2) Required courses in Women’s Studies tracks   6 credits

168700 Critical interdisciplinary Women's Studies   

168791   Seminar: Special Issues on Women   

1.1.2 Elective courses a minimum of 9 credits

168750Development in Gender Perspective

168751Feminist History of ASEAN Human Rights and Development

168752Feminist Political Ecology and Gender

168753Gender in Media, Language and Literature

168789Selected Topics on Women's and Gender Studies

1.2 Courses outside concentration field: Elective courses 3 credits

2.   Advanced Undergraduate Courses       none

B .  Thesis15credits

Total 36 credits